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Is this Bitcoin Course Rally more sustainable than in 2017?

Is this Bitcoin Course Rally more sustainable than in 2017? How institutional investors change the market and how you can read them correctly

Once again the Bitcoin price is moving towards the all-time high of 2017. Strictly speaking, it has even exceeded this in the short term. Many analysts assume that the current Bull Run is much more sustainable than its counterpart in 2017.

In this article, I discuss how traditional investors are changing the rules of the game from the current Bitcoin price rise and what you need to look out for. Learn to read the Immediate Bitcoin indicators of the derivatives market correctly and gain important insights into the orientation of institutional investors in the market.

Bitcoin price rally to ATH is more sustainable this time

While some price correction is expected in the short term, many analysts believe that the recent Bitcoin price rally will be more sustainable in the long term than that of 2017, when the price per BTC last reached an all-time high.

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What is the difference? The current market has received support from a new wave of institutional investors, mainly from North America. John Todaro, Director of Institutional Research at crypto-currency analysis firm TradeBlock, commented:

One could look at the timing of the rally, which coincided with typical US market opening hours.

He added that volumes are also higher for LMAX Digital, which is primarily targeted at institutional traders.

BTC inflows to exchanges increased strongly on Thanksgiving

According to data provider CryptoQuant, BTC’s inflow on the stock exchanges has exceeded the strong outflow since the sell-off at Thanksgiving.

Ki Yong Ju, Chief Executive Officer of CryptoQuant, believes that this on-chain metric could indicate a short-term downward trend and bring the Bitcoin price back to a level of around $16,000. Indeed, this indicator suggests that large BTC investors, so-called Bitcoin whales, appear to be active on the exchanges, which is known to increase selling pressure.

Traditional players are changing the situation

Bitcoin Whales is a good keyword. Because not so long ago, in the crypto world, we saw a number of pure crypto companies, Bitcoin miners and early investors as the „big money“ in the market. However, according to Denis Vinokourov, head of research at Digital Asset Prime Broker Bequant, the composition of market participants has increasingly changed this year and now includes a new group that the traditional financial world calls institutional investors.

Vinokourov sees ongoing capital inflows into the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and other issuers of exchange-traded products (ETPs) as evidence that institutions in the traditional financial markets are investing money in Bitcoin.

Ein Überraschungssieger erhält $ 74.000 beim Heartland Poker Tour Main Event

HeartlandPokerTourGestern Morgen hatte Herr Raffi Der Gregorian einen Pokergewinn von insgesamt 0 $. Bevor der Tag zu Ende ging, war er stolz zu sagen, dass diese Einnahmen 74.276 USD betrugen. Er hatte das Heartland Poker Tour Turnier gewonnen, das im Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa stattfand.

Er hat es geschafft, HPT-Champion zu werden, indem er letzte Woche ein Qualifikationsspiel mit nur 200 US-Dollar absolviert hat.

Einige sagen, es sei Glück gewesen, andere behaupten, der Sieg sei auf kluges Spiel zurückzuführen. Egal was es war, er konnte professionelle Spieler wie Michael Rocco aus Tustin gewinnen, der mit über 45.000 US-Dollar Zweiter wurde.

Der Gregorian plant, einen Teil des Geldes für andere Casumo Turniere zu lassen, ein Sparkonto zu eröffnen und einen wohlverdienten Urlaub zu machen.

Die Teilnehmer

Dies war das erste von vier Events im Rahmen der zweiten jährlichen Gold Rush-Serie, bei der die Teilnehmer um Bargeld oder Punkte von 125 bis 1.650 US-Dollar kämpfen. Der Top-Gewinner erhält Sponsoring für das Winter-HPT-Event, das in Las Vegas stattfinden soll .

Einige der Pokerprofis, die am Turnier teilnahmen, waren Stan Jablonski, der bisher an 6 Final Tables gespielt hat. Er wurde nur Neunter mit einem Gewinn von etwas mehr als 8.000 US-Dollar. Er hat jedoch noch nicht aufgegeben und den HTP-Titel im Auge behalten.

Ein weiterer bekannter Spieler war Alex Madriaga, der von Allen Cunningham eliminiert wurde . Allen hatte den größten Stapel Chips am Finaltisch des Turniers. Obwohl Herr Madriaga den Titel nicht erreicht hat, plant er dennoch, den größten Teil seines Verdienstes für Materialien für die Schule auszugeben, in der seine Frau unterrichtet. In Bezug auf Herrn Cunningham wurde er Vierter mit einem Gewinn von fast 22.000 US-Dollar, ein kleiner Betrag im Vergleich zu seinem Gesamtgewinn auf Lebenszeit von 12 Millionen US-Dollar.

Den dritten Platz belegte Chris Tolone mit knapp 31.000 US-Dollar

Ein paar Plätze weiter gewannen Ronald Segni und Bob McMillan ihr Stück vom Kuchen mit dem sechsten und fünften Platz und einem Gewinn von 14.000 und 17.000 Dollar. Bob McMillan startete den Tisch mit der geringsten Investition, nur 185 Dollar. Beide waren mit der Professionalität des Personals zufrieden und freuen sich darauf, an den anderen HPT-Turnieren teilzunehmen und es erneut zu versuchen.

Die Gastfreundschaft des Personals wurde weiter von Brent Thompson hervorgehoben, der mit $ 12,00 0 den siebten Platz belegte, indem er von Tolones Taschenkönigen eliminiert wurde.

Es ist interessant zu bemerken, dass jeder der neun Finalisten außerhalb der professionellen Pokerszene einen interessanten und vielfältigen Beruf ausübt. Brent Thompson ist Rechtsanwalt, Ronald Segni ist Generalunternehmer, Raffi Gregorian – Elektriker, Stan Jablonski – Geschäftsinhaber, Alex Madriaga – Betonunternehmer, die alle unterschiedliche Spielstile und Kenntnisse auf den Final Table des jährlichen HPT-Turniers bringen.

Das HPT-Turnier geht jetzt nach Black Hawk, Colorado, um ein von vielen erwartetes Millionen-Dollar-Preisereignis auszurichten. Das Heartland Poker Tour Main Event wird dann nach Kalifornien zurückkehren, um die anderen drei Events der Gold Rush Series auszurichten.

Winklevoss: US central bank again „advertises“ Bitcoin

With new plans for further monetary policy interventions, the US central bank is making additional advertising for Bitcoin.

The American central bank continues to unintentionally advertise Bitcoin Future, with central bank chief Jerome Powell speaking out in favor of further „money printing“.

In a tweet on November 6th, Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder of the Gemini crypto exchange, said that Powell’s latest speech was „a code to buy Bitcoin“.

Powell: Congress should approve further interference

Powell had made the corresponding statements again on November 5 at a press conference on the current economic situation and possible monetary policy measures.

He reaffirmed that the American “Federal Reserve” had not yet fully exhausted the range of its possibilities. It should be noted, however, that the US Federal Reserve, in conjunction with the country’s government, has already intervened heavily in the stock markets, injecting funds and distributing aid to the population.

„I think we will have a stronger economic recovery if we bring in a little fiscal support where it fits … Congress also thinks that makes sense,“ Reuters quoted the central bank chief as saying.

Bitcoin advocates repeatedly warn of the long-term consequences of short-term interventions in the economy by the state and central bank, which can be seen in the ever-increasing national debt in the USA and other countries.

The books of the „Fed“ showed just under 7.14 trillion on Friday. US dollars, while the national debt topped 27.2 trillion for the first time in history. US dollar has climbed.

No more BTC left?

With its monetary policy interventions, the central bank follows the theory that the economy is primarily controlled by demand, which is why financial injections are supposed to have a „stimulating“ effect. Bitcoin, meanwhile, is simply controlled by supply and demand, a mechanism that seems to be working very well in light of the current climbing game of cryptocurrency.

The crypto market leader has gained more than 15% since the beginning of the week, reaching spheres that were last reached at the end of 2017.

According to the crypto analyst PlanB and some of his colleagues, this does not come as a surprise, because according to the so-called stock-to-flow forecast model, which relates the amount of Bitcoin in circulation (stock) to the rate of increase (flow), such a price development is after the „Halving“ in May the logical consequence . Indeed, investors seem to be following that prediction.

Investors are no longer just private investors, because institutional investors are increasingly discovering the cryptocurrency for themselves. Payment service provider Square made 80% of its revenue from Bitcoin in the third quarter of 2020 .

„There is no Bitcoin to sell more“ as the Twitter users Girevik the current situation summarizing .

Bitcoin hits the second-highest monthly close of all time – but sees weaknesses

Bitcoin is trading within the long-term resistance at $ 13,800.

The monthly indicators are bullish, but there are weaknesses in the medium term

There is a possibility that BTC will move towards the mid-$ 12,000 mark before it eventually resumes its upward trend.

In October 2020, the Bitcoin price rose by 28%, narrowly missing the highest monthly close of all time of January 2018 – by less than $ 100.

Despite this spike, there are signs of developing weakness on the medium-term charts.

Bitcoins end of month

October was bullish for Bitcoin. BTC created a bullish candle and hit a high of $ 14,100 before declining slightly to close at $ 13,816.

Despite the sizeable surge, BTC is still trading within the long-term resistance area of ​​$ 13,800 created in late January 2018 and the highs of July 2019.

The technical indicators are mostly bullish as both the so-called MACD and the stochastic oscillator are rising and the latter has formed a bullish cross. However, there is some weakness in the form of a slightly bearish bias in the RSI.

The weekly timeframe shows that the price has already risen above a certain level (0.618 Fib of the overall decline) stemming from the 2017 all-time highs. The next significant resistance level is at $ 16,203 (the 0.786 Fib level of the same decline) while the next support is at $ 12,000.

The technical indicators are bullish as the RSI, MACD and Stochastic Oscillator are rising – even if the slope of the latter has straightened out, indicating a loss of strength among buyers. However, none of these indicators show a decreasing divergence.

The daily chart is showing more pronounced weakness as the daily chart’s RSI has created a significant bearish divergence within the overbought area. In addition, the MACD has generated its first lower bar, even if the signal line is well above 0.

It would therefore make sense for some kind of retracement to take place before the price finally resumes its upward movement. Should the price pull back, the next support levels would be near the $ 12,600- $ 12,100 range (the 0.382-0.5 Fib levels of the overall move higher).

Ethereum op schema om Bitcoin te overstijgen bij het vereffenen van $1 biljoen transacties dit jaar

Etherische transacties zijn zo gegroeid dat de Blockchain dit jaar misschien 1 biljoen dollar aan transacties kan vereffenen.
De bitcoin-blokketen zal naar verwachting tot $800 miljard afhandelen.
Recente informatie gedeeld door Messari, een cryptocurrency markt data aggregator, suggereert dat de Ethereum blokketen gepositioneerd is om de Bitcoin Trader te overtreffen als de allereerste publieke Blockchain om meer dan $1 biljoen aan transacties te vereffenen dit jaar. Dit is het gevolg van de toenemende ETH-activiteiten die werden gestimuleerd door de recente ophef in de decentrale financiële markt (DeFi), vooral in het derde kwartaal.

Ethereum ziet meer activiteit dan Bitcoin
Volgens de informatie is het 30-dagen voortschrijdend daggemiddelde van de Ether-blokketen meer dan het dubbele van het record van Bitcoin. Etherblockchain ziet momenteel ongeveer 7 miljard dollar per dag aan transactiegemiddelde. Terwijl de Bitcoin-blokketen een lagere transactie verwerkt op een dagelijks gemiddelde van $3 miljard. Op dit punt is de etherische keten momenteel de dominante afwikkelingslaag in de cryptocurrentmarkt.

De vooruitgang van het ethereum is zo ongelooflijk dat het waarschijnlijk de eerste publieke blokketen ooit zal worden die $1 biljoen in een jaar vereffent.

– Ryan Watkins (@RyanWatkins_) 21 oktober 2020
Messari’s voorspelling is dat Ethereum tegen het einde van dit jaar meer dan 1 biljoen dollar aan transacties zal vereffenen als de huidige trend wordt aangehouden. Voor Bitcoin voorspelde de marktaggregator ook dat de Blockchain op schema ligt om tot $800 miljard aan BTC-transacties op hetzelfde moment te registreren, volgens het huidige dagelijkse transactiegemiddelde.


  • Etherische prijsvoorspelling: ETH prijs tot $400
  • Etherische prijsvoorspelling: ETH om de opleving te hervatten boven 388 dollar.
  • Etherische prijs glijdt 6% tegenover BTC ondanks Eth2 Hopes
  • Ethereum 2.0 ontwikkelaars push voor lancering ondanks de lage deelname aan testnet

DeFi is voorstander van de ETH-blokketen
De lage transacties op de Bitcoin-blokketen kunnen worden toegeschreven aan het feit dat de blokketen alleen transacties verwerkt die in de cryptoklasse luiden. De transactie op het rivaliserende netwerk is echter niet volledig afkomstig uit de ETH-cryptocurrency. De meeste transacties zijn afkomstig van DeFi smart contracten, en andere gerelateerde projecten, bijvoorbeeld ERC-20 tokens en stablecoins.

Zoals Ryan Watkins van Messari heeft uitgelegd, hebben ERC-20 stablecoins zoals MakerDAO’s DAI ook bijgedragen aan de groei van de Ethereum-blokketen. De stablecoin merkte op dat de vraag en de transacties in DeFi toenamen, waardoor het aanbod tot meer dan 600 procent steeg. Daaronder valt ook Tether (USDT), de meest verhandelde stablecoin.

Ontkoppeling: Bitcoin Prijs daalt naar $10.660 als de voorraad en het goud stijgt (Market Watch)

Bitcoin vertoont tekenen van ontkoppeling met Wall Street en goud met een daling van bijna 2%. De edelmetaal- en aandelenindexen daarentegen, laten een serieuze winst zien.

Nadat het niveau van $11.000 niet meer werd teruggewonnen, werd Bitcoin afgewezen en werd het onder $10.700 gedompeld. De meeste alternatieve munten hebben de beweging van BTC naar beneden gevolgd, en de marktcap heeft sinds gisteren ongeveer $6 miljard verloren.

Bitcoin faalt op $11.000

In de afgelopen dagen heeft Bitcoin een paar pogingen gedaan om de felbegeerde $11.000-lijn uit te dagen, maar tot nu toe is dat niet gelukt. De primaire cryptocurrency piekte gisteren op $10.950 (op Binance) maar kon zijn bullish run niet volhouden.

Tijdens de volgende uren ging BTC eerst naar het zuiden naar $10.750 en daarna naar zijn intraday low van $10.660. Ondanks een lichte stijging tot ongeveer $10.700 is Bitcoin nog steeds meer dan 2% lager op een 24-uurs schaal.

Het technische perspectief geeft aan dat BTC momenteel op een ondersteuningsniveau ligt van ongeveer $10.695. Als de asset naar het noorden moet terugkeren, zou het de weerstandslijnen moeten terugwinnen op $10.730, $10.810, $10.920, en mogelijk $11.000.

Met de recente prijsdaling heeft Bitcoin tekenen van ontkoppeling met andere financiële markten laten zien. De prestaties van goud waren heel anders dan die van BTC. In plaats van een daling van de intraday, steeg het edelmetaal van $1.850 per ounce naar meer dan $1.880.

De meest prominente Wall Street aandelenindexen sloten gisteren ook de handelssessie diep in het groen. De Dow Jones Industrial Average steeg met 1,5%, de S&P 500 met 1,6% en de Nasdaq Composite met 1,87%.

Zelfs na de sluiting van Wall Street bleven de termijncontracten stijgen met enkele kleine stijgingen.

Alts in het rood

Het grootste deel van de altcoindmarkt heeft de grootste cryptocurrency gevolgd. Ethereum en Ripple zijn met ongeveer 1,5% gedaald tot respectievelijk $353 en $0,242.

Bitcoin Cash (-1,2%), Chainlink (-5%), Cardano (-2%) en Bitcoin SV (-1,3%) staan ook in het rood van de top 10. Interessant is dat BSV Coin (-3%) heeft overtroffen voor de 10e plaats.

De enige twee uitzonderingen komen van Binance Coin (2,5%) en Polkadot (6%). BNB blijft de aandacht trekken omdat gebruikers het op de Binance Launchpool inzetten om nieuwe penningen te kopen. Het laatste project dat is toegevoegd door het landbouwplatform van de toonaangevende cryptocentrale wordt Venus Protocol genoemd.

Verdere verliezen zijn duidelijk te zien aan de midden en onderkapse altaarstukken, en vooral aan de DeFi-georiënteerde penningen. DFI.Money leidt deze negatieve ranglijst met een daling van 14%. Uniswap (-12%), Yearn.Finance (-11%), Ren (-10%), Ocean Protocol (-10%) en Synthetix Network (-8%) volgen.

Verschillende munten zijn ook met aanzienlijke percentages in waarde gestegen. OMG Network heeft de afgelopen 24 uur het meest gewonnen – 25%. Volgens het data-analysebedrijf Santiment is de prijsstijging sterk gerelateerd aan het stijgende aantal dagelijks actieve adressen.

Andere gainers zijn Arweave (16%), ABBC Coin (13%), The Midas Touch Gold (10%) en Decentraland (8%). Desalniettemin is het totale marktplafond gedaald van meer dan $350 miljard tot $344 miljard.

A crypto community will be founded on a former cruise ship

A disused cruise liner will come back to life as an on-water and off-grid crypto community.

The ship will be renamed Satoshi and will become a haven for crypto enthusiasts and businessmen.

Ocean Builders‘ COO is a Crypto Engine entrepreneur who saw his home near Thailand seized in 2019 for illegal „sea shipping“.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards

A disused cruise liner will come back to life as an off-grid floating crypto community, embracing freedom and cryptocurrency.

International waters attract all kinds of people, and the crypto community is no exception. Ocean Builders, which also builds futuristic “ marine pod communities ” (floating houses), has set its sights on a new type of house: a cruise ship.

Cruise company P&O Cruises Australia recently decommissioned the Pacific Dawn, which was later purchased by Ocean Builders. The company now plans to turn it into a cryptocurrency haven .

The ship, built in 1991, has always carried passengers with P&O Australia as well as Princess Cruises. Carnival, the parent company of P&O, is reducing its fleet due to declining demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A ship named Satoshi

The ship, which is destined to become a haven for certain types of libertarian-minded businessmen, will be renamed Satoshi , the fractional unit of BTC and the nickname of the secret inventor of Bitcoin .

According to Chad Elwartowski, COO of Ocean Builders, the company will take control of the cruise ship on November 4, 2020, in the Mediterranean Sea. Ultimately, it will be anchored off the coast of Panama. Ocean Builders provides a 30-minute ferry ride from shore to ship.

It is no coincidence that the Satoshi will become the refuge of crypto-enthusiasts. Elwartowski himself is a Bitcoin businessman and has long been a proponent of “seasteading,” that is, the creation of permanent habitats on water, beyond the reach of any government claim.

These activities have not always gone smoothly. In 2019, the Elwartowski Floating Habitat, located 12 nautical miles off the coast of Thailand, was seized by the Thai government for allegedly breaking the nation’s sovereignty laws. The authorities then destroyed the home.

A crypto community by the water

Elwartowski says he wants the boat to be a refuge for nomads around the world who can’t find their place anywhere. He sees the ship as a bulwark of innovation, and said:

We are eager to establish a center of technology and innovation here in Panama. Our goal is to find a way to live sustainably on the sea and to forge new paths towards this new frontier.

Ocean Builders also plans to offer cabins as vacation rentals, as well as office and research space.

The cabins of the crypto-cruise will be auctioned from November 5. They will be treated in the same way as the apartments on land. Room prices range from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000, although it may increase with the auction. The vessel has a capacity of 2,020 people.

Since the cabins do not have kitchens, Ocean Builders plans to offer residents meal vouchers, although the safest process in the event of a pandemic is not yet clear.

Much like cruise ships, the Satoshi will include retail stores. Of course, these businesses will accept payments in Bitcoin and possibly other important cryptocurrencies.

3 motivi Il prezzo del Bitcoin è stato rifiutato a 11.500 dollari – e cosa viene dopo

Il prezzo di Bitcoin ha rifiutato $ 11.500 in un rapido calo dei prezzi a fianco di pantaloncini in aumento su BitMEX e il crollo delle azioni degli Stati Uniti.

Il prezzo del Bitcoin (BTC) è sceso rapidamente dopo aver superato gli 11.500 dollari su Binance tra il 14 e il 15 ottobre. Nel giro di due ore, è sceso a 11.280 dollari, registrando un calo del 2,3%. Dopo la caduta, gli analisti si aspettano un altro piccolo ritiro a breve termine.

Tra i tre fattori che probabilmente hanno causato il rigetto ci sono un sell-off su BitMEX, un livello di resistenza maggiore e il ritiro del mercato azionario.

Bitcoin è sceso non appena il Dow Jones è crollato

Il 14 ottobre, la media industriale Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) è scesa dello 0,58%, dopo aver inizialmente registrato una leggera impennata. Mentre l’andamento del mercato azionario statunitense iniziava a cambiare, la Bitcoin ha registrato un forte calo. Nel giro di 15 minuti, BTC ha visto un calo dell’1,15% da 11.518 a 11.370 dollari.

Secondo i dati di Skew, la correlazione tra Bitcoin e S&P 500 è aumentata nelle ultime settimane. Al contrario, la correlazione realizzata tra BTC e l’oro è diminuita considerevolmente nelle ultime tre settimane.

I dati suggeriscono che il Bitcoin è attualmente percepito più come un asset a rischio che non un asset da rifugio sicuro. Resta da vedere se questo lascia BTC vulnerabile per un pulllback in mezzo a una flessione del mercato azionario nel quarto trimestre, dopo un Q3 forte.

BitMEX sell-off

Alcuni analisti a catena hanno notato un picco nella pressione di vendita proveniente da BitMEX, con importanti pantaloncini di mercato in arrivo. Prima che si verificasse il calo iniziale da 11.540 a 11.280 dollari, molti contratti short multimilionari sono apparsi su BitMEX.

Di conseguenza, l’interesse aperto di BitMEX è salito da circa 397 milioni di dollari a 414 milioni di dollari, quando si è verificato il calo dei prezzi.

Il livello di 11.500 dollari è diventato un’area di resistenza

Il ripetuto rifiuto dell’area da 11.500 dollari l’ha trasformata in un livello di resistenza tecnica a breve termine. In seguito alla lotta di BTC per superare gli 11.500 dollari, i trader hanno iniziato a riflettere sulla possibilità di un calo al di sotto dei 10.900 dollari.

Michael van de Poppe, un trader a tempo pieno alla Borsa di Amsterdam, ha dichiarato che la zona di supporto da 11.300 dollari rimane il livello più critico. Un calo al di sotto potrebbe mandare BTC a 10.600 dollari, ha detto Poppe, spiegando:

„Il punto di vista rimane lo stesso. Se si mantiene qui e il mercato potrebbe continuare a muoversi verso l’alto. Perdendo quest’area, punterò a 10.900 e poi a 10.600 dollari“.

Tuttavia, la prospettiva a medio termine di Bitcoin rimane positiva, sostenuta da indicatori ottimistici a catena. I ricercatori di Glassnode hanno scoperto che il 14% dell’offerta di BTC è detenuto in indirizzi di accumulo.

Il numero crescente di investitori che detengono Bitcoin, probabilmente per una strategia d’investimento a più lungo termine, è un catalizzatore significativo per BTC che si dirige verso il 2021. I ricercatori hanno detto:

„L’accumulazione di Bitcoin ha avuto una costante tendenza al rialzo per mesi. 2,6M $BTC (14% dell’offerta) sono attualmente detenuti in indirizzi di accumulazione. Gli indirizzi di accumulazione sono definiti come indirizzi che hanno almeno 2 tx in entrata e non hanno mai speso BTC“.

La confluenza di rifiuti ripetuti a partire dallo stesso livello di resistenza rappresenta una tendenza a breve termine che si sta indebolendo. Ma nei prossimi mesi, vari punti di dati a catena suggeriscono la probabilità di una forte ripresa del mercato.

Bitcoin bricht von einem entscheidenden Widerstandsniveau aus

Bitcoin ist aus einem großen Widerstandsgebiet und einer absteigenden Widerstandslinie ausgebrochen.

Die technischen Indikatoren sind langfristig bullish, kurzfristig jedoch bearish.

Es gibt Unterstützung zwischen $11.000 und $11.100.

Möchten Sie mehr wissen? Treten Sie unserer Telegrammgruppe bei und erhalten Sie Handelssignale, einen kostenlosen Handelskurs und tägliche Kommunikation mit Kryptofans!

Das Trust-Projekt ist ein internationales Konsortium von Nachrichtenorganisationen, das Standards für Transparenz aufbaut.
BTC Bitcoin Offenes Interesse

Der Preis für Crypto Superstar ist von einem entscheidenden Widerstandsniveau ausgebrochen.

Nach einem potentiellen kurzfristigen Rückgang wird erwartet, dass sich der Preis weiter nach oben in Richtung des nächstgelegenen Widerstandsbereichs bewegt.

Wöchentlicher Bitcoin-Ausblick

In der Woche vom 5. bis 11. Oktober sorgte der Bitcoin-Preis für eine zinsbullische Kerze und stieg von einem Tiefststand von $10.525 auf ein Hoch von $11.469.

Obwohl dies eine zinsbullische Entwicklung ist, handelt der Preis immer noch unterhalb des großen Widerstandsbereichs von 12.000 $, über dem er seit Juli 2019 nicht mehr gehandelt wird. Ein Ausbruch über die Marke von $11.700 dürfte den Preis bis auf $14.000 steigen lassen.

Dieser Anstieg dauert an, seit die BTC den 10.000 $-Bereich Anfang September erneut als Unterstützung getestet hat. Die technischen Indikatoren sind zinsbullisch, und der MACD machte gerade einen höheren Impuls-Balken, nachdem er vier Wochen in Folge gesunken war.
Wöchentliche Bewegung der BTC

Ausbruch aus dem Widerstand

Das Tages-Chart für BTC zeigt, dass der Preis aus der BTC ausgebrochen ist:

einer absteigenden Widerstandslinie, die seit dem Hoch vom 17. August in Kraft war.
Dem $11.200-Bereich, der zuvor als Unterstützung diente und das 0,618-Fib-Retracement-Level des jüngsten Rückgangs darstellt.

Wenn der Preis weiter steigt, gibt es einen kleineren Widerstand bei 11.600 $ und einen größeren Widerstand bei 12.070 $, die beide mit dem oben erwähnten langfristigen Widerstandsbereich, der im vorigen Abschnitt beschrieben wurde, zusammenfallen.

Die technischen Indikatoren im täglichen Zeitrahmen sind optimistisch. MACD, RSI und Stochastik-Oszillator sind steigend. Darüber hinaus hat der MACD den positiven Bereich erreicht und der Stochastic Oscillator hat aufwärts gekreuzt.

Es wird daher erwartet, dass Bitcoin bald einen Ausbruchsversuch bei über $12.000 unternehmen wird.

Möglicher Rückzug

Trotz des Aufwärtstrends, der sich aus der langfristigen Preisaktion und den Indikatoren ergibt, sieht das kürzerfristige Chart eher rückläufig aus.

Der Preis hatte Mühe, sich über die Marke von $11.400 zu bewegen, und die Schwäche hat begonnen, sich zu zeigen. Der RSI auf dem 6-Stunden-Chart hat eine rückläufige Divergenz erzeugt und der MACD hat begonnen, abzunehmen.

Bitcoin Langfristig

Das 2-Stunden-Chart sieht sogar noch schlechter aus, wenn man die rückläufige Divergenz und den sich negativ drehenden MACD betrachtet.

Daher wäre ein Rückgang in Richtung der 0,382-0,5 Fib-Niveaus zwischen $11.017-$11.131 zu erwarten, bevor sich der Aufwärtstrend fortsetzt.
Bitcoin Kurzfristig

Abschließend wird erwartet, dass der Bitcoin-Preis schließlich einen Versuch unternehmen wird, über das Widerstandsgebiet von 11.600 bis 12.000 $ hinaus auszubrechen. Vor dem Ausbruchsversuch wird wahrscheinlich ein kurzfristiger Rückgang eintreten.



  • Bitcoin enfrentou uma forte correção durante a última semana.
  • Desde os máximos de ~$12.000 estabelecidos na semana passada, a principal moeda criptográfica caiu 20%.
  • A partir da redação deste artigo, a BTC negocia por US$ 10.100 e parece estar pronta para continuar sua descida à medida que os níveis de apoio cruciais caem.

Apesar da queda, um veterano de Wall Street está mais convencido de Bitcoin Era do que nunca.
Raoul Pal, o CEO da Real Vision, confirmou recentemente que mais de 50% de sua carteira de investimentos é composta pela BTC.

Isto ocorre apesar da maioria dos investidores, mesmo os touros Bitcoin, argumentando que é insensato ter mais de alguns por cento ou algumas dezenas de por cento na classe de ativos.

Pal tem recentemente manifestado um sentimento de que a Bitcoin é provavelmente o ativo com melhor desempenho dos próximos anos.


Em agosto, Raoul Pal, o CEO da Real Vision, revelou que se acha „irresponsivelmente longo“ em Bitcoin. Isto vem depois que ele anunciou publicamente que estaria aumentando sua exposição pessoal à classe de ativos para 25%.

Desde então, os investidores têm lhe perguntado constantemente sobre o tamanho de sua posição, tentando avaliar onde o veterano de Wall Street está com a Bitcoin.

Em 8 de setembro, Pal disse que está „acima de 50%“, referindo-se à porcentagem de sua carteira que está atualmente no BTC. Este comentário foi feito em resposta a uma vez de seus seguidores dizendo ao ex-chefe de vendas do Goldman Sachs que ele deveria seguir o exemplo de Anthony Pompliano; Pompliano, um ex-chefe da equipe do Facebook e investidor criptográfico, foi à CNBC dizendo que ele tem 50% de seus ativos em Bitcoin.

A razão pela qual Pal está tão em alta é que ele vê as contínuas tendências macroeconômicas que reforçam o crescimento da Bitcoin.

Comentando os comentários recentes do Federal Reserve, o investidor disse:

„A maioria das pessoas não entende este último, mas é simplesmente colocado, Powell mostrou que existe tolerância ZERO para a deflação, de modo que eles farão QUALQUER coisa para pará-la, e isso é bom para os dois ativos mais difíceis – Ouro e Bitcoin. A inflação da Powell WANTS. Não acho que ele receba a verdadeira demanda empurra a inflação, mas ele receberá a desvalorização do fiat, em conjunto com os outros bancos centrais, todos na mesma missão“.

Pal acrescentou em uma análise separada que há uma probabilidade de Bitcoin ser o único ativo que vale a pena possuir.


Pal está longe de ser o único veterano de Wall Street que está extremamente alto em Bitcoin no momento.

Mike Novogratz, Arthur Hayes e Dan Morehead estão entre aqueles que recentemente dobraram a principal moeda criptográfica, apesar de muita incerteza.